Establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of the college proper implementation is done by the members of our governing body. Their primary duty is to enhance the prosperity and viability of the college.

Kanye college of Nursing has a complete membership of the education board comprised of 15 members:

  1. Botswana Union Conference  President - Chairperson
  2. Botswana Union Conference Executive Secretary-Vice Chairperson
  3. College Principal -  Secretary
  4. Botswana Union Conference Executive Financial Officer
  5. Botswana Union Conference Education Director
  6. Botswana Union Conference Health Ministries Director
  7. Botswana Conference President- South
  8. Botswana Conference President-North
  9. College Deputy Principal
  10. College Chaplain
  11. College Business Manager/Principal Accountant
  12. Development and Public Relations
  13. Chief Executive Officer/Hospital Superintendent Kanye Adventist Hospital
  14. Two (2) Lay Persons Educationists/Academicians

(xiii)Two (2) Community Leaders with Finance/Law      qualifications

xv.Relevant Chief Ministry of Health  Representative

The Education Board delegates general administrative, academic, and managerial authority to the Principal of the College. The Deputy Principal is responsible for general academic policies and standards and for the overall academic matters in all programmes/schools.

The College will also have a separate Administrative Committee to consider all matters of the College operation, staffing, expenditures, budgets, plans, problems, and accomplishments; study matters affecting policy, personnel, finances and recommends to the education board; and implements recommendations of the education board. The complete membership of the Administrative Committee includes: Chairperson: Principal; Vice Chairperson: Deputy Principal;Secretary: Chief Administration Officer I/HR; Members: Academic Registrar; Principal Accountant; Senior Lecturer; Chaplain; Student Representative (1).